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if only. . .

if this series was a film i would buy it
gd story nd awsome music excellent work

Just Amazing

words cant begin to describe how moving the song nd movie are! u should put up the rest as a separate movie so people can get the full message nd appreciate your talents.
10/10 5/5

Mmmmm Fish and chips

the fish was brilliant with the eyes nd the accent XD i want 1

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sorry but this was just to slow and you didnt add anything different from the original

2nd best game ever

not as gd as Larry and The Gnomes, i just seemed to wait for more Gnomes to spawn all the time, but still a great game

Best game ever

I just cant stop playing this, you put a lot of effort in this nd it shows

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i forgot something. . .

i forgot to mention my emotional situation in my review of the music vid for this song which is why i lik it so much
basically to sum up i broke up with my gf a couple of months back nd i didnt understand wat went wrong (didnt help that she refused to tell me) then i met a new girl who is amazing but she dosnt want to b with me :( so im stuck in a situation were i am a loser

this song sums up exactly wats been going through my mind recently so i get were ur comin from man nd the way ur voice combines with the guitar produces a sound thats pure emotion

this is THE best song on newgrounds ive heard nd its gonna b tough to beat
excellent work u could go far in the music world
10/10 5/5

jackbliss responds:

Wow I think the first part of the video really connects with your life story. I think sometimes it's better to break off with someone and find someone new than go on pretending to love them. I don't really think the situation you're in qualfies you to be a loser but perhaps just someone who lost his way and waiting to be found again.

It was an emotional song for me as well cuz I'd shown my deepest love to 3 girls in my life and none of them ever showed even the slightest interest or gave me a chance so I think you're really in a MUCH better position than me.

Thanks so much for yourwishes and amazing review. I hope to continue inspiring people like you online or maybe even mainstream someday. Take care....

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